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Tips & Comments

  • Every car wash vehicle gets a FREE underbody high pressure wash to remove salt and sand buildup that can be damaging your car.

  • We clean foggy headlights for safe driving visibility.

  • Rubber mats don't vacuum well.We will pressure wash and air dry your rubber & plastic mats to remove salt, sand, candy, and mud.

       $1 per mat

  • Lawn sprinklers leave hard water spots on your windows and on your car's finish that can not come off in any car wash. We can remove the hard water spotting and staining in our Detail Center. Come by and speak with our Detail experts to discuss a solution.

  • BE AWARE: Antennas may be difficult to remove due to rust from year-round salt in the air. If your antenna is difficult to remove please alert our staff so that we may take precautions to save your antenna. 

  • BE AWARE: Many cars have rain sensors for their windshield wiper blades. Please insure that this sensor is deactived before entering the car wash.

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